Hoboken girl

© Pierre Bergounioux, November 2018

Late July afternoon with a view in Gansevoortpark hotel Sitting on your side
over the pool

Hoboken girl Working the rooftop

The Empire State building dimming lights of hell Sipping as to hide
from the fool

Hoboken girl Working the rooftop

Thanks for nothing See, I recall your pitch

Fiddling on your martini One eye on the suits Working your way up One John at a time Hoboken girl

Hitting the ceiling

Would you remember me Turning you down
After so much talking
I hadn’t much to offer Hoboken girl

I wasn’t much of lead

Just been cired from a magazine Husband would hit you
The kids to feed
Texas raised born in Wisconsin Hoboken girl

I’m one of the breed

Music-Guitar-Voice: Thomas Gomez; Lyrics: Pierre Bergounioux