© Pierre Bergounioux, Dec 2018

Barbado that’s where we have to go
It has a sweet name a bit like Colorado A country that shines
Away from hard times
Away we go, set course on Barbado

To Barbado we head
That’s where I’ve set my heart
To girls with sweet chins, a bit like Aline Virgins with no names
And pimps they tame, Running to millions Away we go, set course on Barbado

We’ll keep watch together And we‘ll have a drink or two As many as there’re roads We won’t say a word

If you’re not much of a watcher If you’ve never sailed
You can still be called a brother You’ve given up enough

When I’ve traveled my cill I’ll make it to the shore I’ll gain the other side

Barbado, that’s where everything ends Worries, aching and sorrow
Because where Barbado comes to life That’s where songs come to die

Music-Guitar-Voice: Thomas Gomez; Lyrics: Pierre Bergounioux