Bon Sant Jordi a tothom

As is customary on Saint George’s day in Catalunya, I wanted to share with you an excerpt from an Occitan author, Joan-Maria Pieyre. I am reading the section called “Dàvid las ecobilhas” from Rai la mòrt. This collection of short narratives, first published by Trabucaire in Perpinyà is nos unfortunately out of print. All the same I would recommend you try your luck and ask the excellent services of l’Espaci Occitan dels Alps in Gap.

It is also customary on this day to offer a rose. Our old garden roses do not usually flourish until early June and Mother’s Day here in Versalha, but on my way to the neighbouring hamlet, I had this beautiful field of poppies to keep me company. So please be so kind as to consider I fulfilled both my Sant Jordi’s obligations.