Orchestre Black Dragons de Porto Novo Dahomey

Tonight I finally got hold of two tracks that used never to leave me:

  • Se Djro
  • E Sa F’aiye 

Both are songs in yoruba by a Beninese group called ‘Orchestre Black Dragons de Porto Novo Dahomey’.

They can listened to on YouTube:

I guess this post will be one of those bottles to the sea as I struggle finding more info about this group on the internet. A dear Beninese friend noted that the songs were probably from the ’70s, since Dahomey became Benin in 1975. 

Also I would not be surprised to hear that either song has been used as a theme song or track for the cinema or theatre. At any rate I would be happy to learn more and/or to hear similar sound and vibes. 


No sooner had I published this post that I came across this blog post shedding about the Black Dragons de Porto Novo Dahomey:


The blogger as well as a regular contributor of his seem particularly fond of this other song by the Orchestre:

What do you think? 

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