Closure album

Did you make it?

When you saw me
in the grounds, off the hospital
with him by my side
What did you feel?

You in that Johnny gown
smoking your awe away
wound up with a wristband
on a hot September day

Did you make it?
You said you’d be a star?
Did you make it?

And when we left
he leaned to me nonchalantly
and said you might not
make it or live another night

That’s not your fault or so they said
don’t let it invade your own headspace
We’d really given it a go

He said you would not live
another night
So, tell me
Did you make it?

Phantom love

You didn’t think twice
In bright daylight
For everyone to see
Little did you care back then

Love took over
For ever and a day, mon cœur
Love took over

As passion grew
You made sure no one knew
Love took over
One you said was for ever

Now you won’t you feel alone
As night is closing in
For no one to know
Not even that we had love

Dear, there ain’t no love
I wouldn’t fight for
As long as you shine above
I know that I’m not poor

Now that I am left to mourn
For no one to see
I know why I was born
Since I had you by me

Hoboken Girl

Late July afternoon with a view
in Gansevoortpark hotel
Sitting on your side
over the pool
Hoboken girl

Working the rooftop
The Empire State building
dimming lights of hell
Sipping as to hide
from the fool
Hoboken girl

Working the rooftop
Thanks for nothing

See, I recall your pitch
Fiddling on your martini
One eye on the suits
Working your way up
One John at a time
Hoboken girl

Hitting the ceiling
Would you remember me
Turning you down
After so much talking
I hadn’t much to offer

Hoboken girl
I wasn’t much of lead
Just been fired from a magazine

Husband would hit you
The kids to feed
Texas raised born in Wisconsin

Hoboken girl
I’m one of the breed


Barbado that’s where we have to go
It has a sweet name a bit like Colorado

A country that shines
Away from hard times
Away we go, set course on Barbado

To Barbado we head
That’s where I’ve set my heart
To girls with sweet chins, a bit like Aline

Virgins with no names
And pimps they tame,
Running to millions
Away we go, set course on Barbado

We’ll keep watch together
And we‘ll have a drink or two
As many as there’re roads
We won’t say a word
If you’re not much of a watcher
If you’ve never sailed
You can still be called a brother
You’ve given up enough

When I’ve traveled my fill
I’ll make it to the shore
I’ll gain the other side

Barbado, that’s where everything ends
Worries, aching and sorrow
Because where Barbado comes to life
That’s where songs come to die